Success! 4 stone 7lbs lost

Hurrah we’ve finally reached the 4.5 stone off milestone! I am over the moon that I am now so much lighter than I was, and I can certainly see a difference in my silhouette now. It is so good to try on a pair of Jeggings in a size 20 but find them way to big, or an 18 top which is too baggy around the bust. At times this has felt unachievable but this time I am doing it! I am actually doing this! 

Never doubt in your ability to achieve what you are dreaming of- if you believe in why you want it, you can get there even if it is via the scenic route like me! 
To everyone who has cheered me on every step of the way, and have helped me enjoy this journey too- I owe you a massive thank you, but somehow that doesn’t quite express how grateful I truly am! 


One thought on “Success! 4 stone 7lbs lost

  1. Fantastic! Well done for reaching this milestone and showing what can be done with a lot of dedication a few changes to your lifetsyle. Very proud of you:)


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