A Bump in the Road

So as you have probably noticed, I haven’t exactly been posting much over recent weeks… mostly because my appetite has been a bit all over the place.

But there is a much happier reason for my hiding, because I am in fact pregnant with our first child! Baby Benson has been growing well and we’re now well into the second trimester. Now I have heard rumours that morning sickness is meant to alleviate and be replaced by a spike in energy… sadly not true for me but I am so thankful none-the-less!! We are very lucky to have our little one and can’t wait to meet him or her in April/May 2017. I am a definite believer that losing a lot of my weight over the past year and a half has helped me to prepare my body for pregnancy, and was part of my reasoning for wanting to lose weight in the first place- I don’t want to be a mum who can’t run around after her little one. I also want to do the best I can to give bubba a healthy start in life, starting from their first few weeks as a cluster of cells, right through to their first breath, first steps and so on. Part of this is selfish too; I want to look after me during this time too!

In order to do the very best I can for our rapidly growing little monkey I have continued to attend Slimming World with the permission of my lovely midwife, as well as attending my hospital’s Weight Management In Pregnancy Programme which has been really helpful in monitoring my weight. So far I am still a couple of lbs under the weight I was when we first found out I was pregnant back in August, which is really good going- though from now on I will expect to gain my baby weight (up to about 10-12lbs max set with guidance from medical professionals). I cannot stress the importance of including medical staff in monitoring your weight- being pregnant takes enough of your dignity anyway, so what harm can jumping on some scales every few weeks do? The toughest hurdle for me is seeing the scales increase rather than decrease but that is where having people around you really helps.

Now that my appetite is beginning to return, I shall hopefully get back to posting a bit more!!

So here we are in the final throws of 2016; I shall wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and I hope the new year brings you  much joy and laughter.

Rach xx




One thought on “A Bump in the Road

  1. What a wonderful post Rachel. So happy for you as i have already said before.
    I am a devoted follower and make lots of your yummy recipes.
    Merry Chritmas you beautiful soul xxx


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