New Year, Same Me…. ish 

Happy New Year! Somehow we have made it to 2017 already, and in one piece- hurrah! 

It’s funny how after all the Christmas adverts told us to over-indulge and become pigs in blankets, we are suddenly bombarded with media telling us we should be ashamed of ourselves and need to change our lives. The old ‘New Year, New You’ cliche. 

Looking back over the past year, I am so proud of the changes I made. Change is a commitment; one that you have to re-commit to every single day. You can’t just join in on a whim, you have to want it and be committed to working towards it. Resolutions only work if you challenge yourself to achieve them- don’t resign yourself to failing part way through January! Believe in yourself and you will get there in the end. 

I am starting this year with confidence that I can keep following Slimming World while being pregnant, and go on to at least achieve my 6 or 7 stone awards by Christmas. I know I can do it; over Christmas I only gained half a pound and maintained that after New Year. I didn’t stay fully on plan and I enjoyed myself but I did it without going overboard! So far I have gained 4lbs during the last month, which I am very happy with; as is my Slimming World Consultant (who is amazing!) and my midwife. 

I am so excited to follow the slimming journeys of my fellow group members as I gain; knowing that I am in safe hands preparing my body and my baby for a healthy future. 

P.S. You have to try the meatball minestrone stew from the latest Slimming World magazine… yum! 


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